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Important information regarding access to the MPLauncher 1.0

IceMelt   2 lata temu

Dear Users,

About 6 years ago, we've started to create launcher in a very unique form, dedicated for you.
As the first launcher on the internet, it made playing Kenpack packs possible, and allowed to create your own modpacks in a very concise way.
As a MPLauncher team, we've been pleased to see that our launcher has made playing minecraft enjoyable.
But unfortunately, everything has its time...

For such a huge period of time it is difficult to maintain the old infrastructure, given that the project is still our hobby.
Here, we want to close a certain "era" by closing an access to the original version of the launcher.

As of October 1, access to the launcher will remain closed. Launcher will still work for players who have the application installed on their desktop, and it will be automatically updated.

However, this is not the end of the launcher! Please be prepared for every update from our side, announced in the "News" tab. There's a chance that at some day new refreshed version of the launcher will appear :)

We hope that you understand our position and continue to use our launcher.
Thank you for your understanding!


Team MPLauncher

Christmas Wishes from the MPLauncher Team!

IceMelt   4 lata temu

Welcome, gamers!
As the MPLauncher team, we would like to express our best wishes on the occasion of Christmas. Unfortunately, the year 2020 didn't spoiled us with its events. Hence, we wish you a Merry Christmas in the upcoming year. We hope that next year will be greateful than 2020, and while standing at 2020, to warm it up a bit, you have an opportunity to catch a gift from us throughout the Christmas season!
From this day (24th December) to 27th December, especially for you we prepared a code that will give you a free access to the skin system! You just need to enter SWIETA2020 in the SMS-code field, and the access to the skin system will be in your hands!

Once again, we wish you all the best! Merry Christmas and Happy New 2021!

Kind Regards
Team MPLauncher

A small gift to celebrate new school year!

IceMelt   4 lata temu

Today many of you, after two months of free time, will come back to school. For 10 months you will again attend lessons to old, waiting for you schools.
We know, that this time would be very tiring. Because of this, we want to make you happy with a small gift!

From today to the 4th September you will have a lifetime chance to get for free an access to change your skin on our launcher! You just need to enter the page, register your account with the SZKOLA2020 activation code and be happy with your free ability to change the look of your character! 

We hope that this little gift, at least for a while, will sweeten this school year!

Team MPLauncher

FREE summer holidays code for limited time!

IceMelt   5 lat temu

Welcome, MPLauncher users! 

We hope you're enjoying your summer and have a rest from school. Our team experienced that feel arleady, so for that reason we prepared a FREE activation code that allows you to set your own skin on our launcher! You just need to type code "WAKACJE2019" to get possibility to set your skin in MPLauncher for limited time!

You can use this code by visiting the page Your next step is to sign in. In the fields you need to enter: nickname from Minecraft, password, and the code that has been written above. In the next step you need to fill captcha, and click the "next" button. Page that has been redirected by Sign In form will be the view on the panel where you can set your own skin.

Hurry up! Activation code expires on 27th June!

Team MPLauncher


IceMelt   5 lat temu

We are asking everyone to update the launcher to version!

There is a new update that repairs some problems with launching a game on the newest version (that is 1.14).
Some small fixes (for example fixes that repaired minor problems, or patches in lacks of translating) were improved as well.

If you are not sure whether you arleady have an updated launcher, go to the "Options" tab, which is located at the upper position of launcher.
In the right lower corner you will find current version of updated launcher.

Best Regards,

PS: This update has a newly generated certificate. This means that anti-viruses can returns false-positives for some time. Please ignore them or report an invalid detection.


LosTigeros   5 lat temu

We ask everyone to update the launcher to version!
The update fixes problems with adding (own ones), downloading and installing modpacks.

If you are not sure whether you already have an updated launcher, go to the options tab.
The launcher version will be written in the lower right corner.

Launcher version

Best Regards,

PS: This update has a newly generated certificate. This means that anti-viruses can return false positives for some time. Please ignore them or report as invalid detection.

1 000 000 LAUNCHES!

IceMelt   5 lat temu

Hello there!

After the year's interval since last news - we have amazing information for you.
During the last time MPLauncher has knocked out 1 000 000 launches! This number is incredible - and it is the reason of pride for us - the creators of MPLauncher.

With this reason - we have an unique code for use on - for everyone! 
Hurry up! The code expires at 8 February 2019!
Here it is - shiny, incredibly beautiful code for signing your nickname - MPL1MLN2019

Thanks a lot, for being!
Team MPLauncher

Latest launcher version

LosTigeros   6 lat temu


In previous version, we had some problems related to automatically updating launcher (buu!! testers!!).
Make sure you have the latest version of the launcher.

You can check it this way:

The options for the latest version of the launcher include an inscription with its version.
If you do not have this text, it means you have an old version.
Wycinek ekranu przedstawiający wersje launchera wyświetlaną w opcjach.

This is the easiest way to check if you have the latest version of the launcher.

If you have an old version of the launcher, download the latest version ASAP!

Best Regards,

Accounts on skin system

LosTigeros   6 lat temu


Between 2017-12-23 06:00 2018-01-01 12:00 we had a failure in our skin system.

We ask that players who wanted to create an account there at that time to contact us in order to create an account.

We apologize for the situation, the problem has already been resolved.

Best Regards,

MP Launcher 2.0 - What's new!

IceMelt   7 lat temu

Currently, this news is only available in the polish version.

Sorry for the inconvenience!

New main programmer!

IceMelt   7 lat temu


As you know, our launcher creates many persons. Now we want to say, that next user, who has got up on the main programmer's wall is ProgrammingWizzard!

ProgrammingWizzard, also known as Casper - sits in our team from the beginning of the launcher creating. But, he works better than other persons, so for the effort, the entire crew clearly tells, that the right prize for him is promotion.

By this rank rise you can expect more frequent updates, and a lot of new additions introduced by fresh developer.

Wizzard since yesterday sat on the throne, so he will have to learn a lot, but let us be of good cheer, that soon Casper will win the baton, and will have a check in the folders of code.

And you? What do you think about the promotion of the young programmer? This opinion, and questions to the developers you can write on the our discord - #english channel! ;)


MP Launcher Team

Introducing skins system!

IceMelt   7 lat temu


Holidays are coming! In this occasion, we are glad to say, that we are introducing skins system!
Skins system is now running, and access to it is available on our website.
Unfortunarely - there is nothing for free - to get access to the skins system, there is a small registeration fee - 1.23 PLN via SMS (Unless you have PREMIUM account).
At this moment it isn't said yet, that that list of payment methods will be expanded - but we are telling you - we will try to do that!

As a MPLauncher team, we want wish you happy and longest (as possible) summer holidays!
Remember - playing cheerfully doesn't mean safely. Take care of yourselves, and consider that, what are you doing!

DT MPLauncher

PS: @Community Manager @Melt wrote this. If its boring, dont read - just get on

Unplanned failure

programmingwizzard   7 lat temu


Many of you may have noticed, that all services were not working today.
This was related to the hardware failure of our main machine, which resulted in the unavailability of our website and the launcher itself.
We have taken steps to resolve problems and bring back to work our all services.
The error has been fixed and repaired, we hope for good ;)

We also want to inform you that under 2.0 update, we will introduce a mechanism which will prevent such situations.
We hope that this will never happen again (at least not during peak hours).

Best Regards,

PS: The skin system will come out in just a few days!

NP skins system

LosTigeros   7 lat temu

Hello everyone!

Soon you will be able to use our new skins system, which we just finished writing.
So far, it supports versions from 1.0 up to the latest (yes 1.12 too!).

You will be able to set yourself:

And it looks like this:





Wait patiently for updates!

Best Regards,

Another problem with AV

LosTigeros   7 lat temu

Since some time, we had again problem with AVs. But we resolved that problem immediately.

Before fixing:
Virustotal -> Przed

After fixing:
Virustotal -> Po

We hope, that this will resolve your issues with launcher.


100 000 launches - WOW!

IceMelt   7 lat temu


Today we would like to officially announce, that today the magic number of 100 000 launches has been knocked out!

This is a great milestone for our launcher, and we - as a launcher team - would like to thank YOU sincerely - for the using our launcher, and for all Your help, praises, and suggestions from Your side!

All of you we are wishing great day, week, or maybe month (it depends on when the next news comes out )

Thank you!
Team MP Launcher

New design?

IceMelt   7 lat temu

Hello dear players!

As our team is doing everything with care and attention, I decided to start creating a new launcher style!

Style has been called "Callipso" and It will be done probably in 15-30 days.

At the present moment I can write that there will be a few additions in the new look, a complete change of style and a lot of eastereggs 

I am also open to your suggestions! If you want to ask me something or propose changes / additions in the new look of the launcher - I will be happy to hear it from You. You can find me on our Discord - Melt#3047

So, I will try to not let you down. Please wait, because its really worth it wink.


The only one Community Manager,


Problems with AntiViruses

IceMelt   7 lat temu

Since yesterday (04.04.2017) some AV (eg. Kaspersky) started to detect some false-positives in our launcher. We want to inform You, that this is real false-positive, and we dont have any malicious code. We are trying to solve that problem.

If we had a Microsoft-approved certificate, then there would be no problem, but this certificate is very expensive, and we dont have any profit from the launcher so we do not have money to buy such a certificate.

If you also have a problem with this, please report it if possible (if that option exists in your anti-virus) and give us information on what antivirus it is. Of course, if you trust us, add our launcher to trusted applications.

This problem should disappear soon.

Greetings from Poland,


LosTigeros   7 lat temu


Due to the fact that you often ask us about problems and bugs in the modpacks, you should report these bugs to the creators of that modpacks.
For example, if the problem occurs in any of the packages in the "KenPack" category, please write your questions to Kennar.

Of course, with the launcher problems please join to our discord server, more specifically to the #support channel where We will try to fix your problem. Just remember to describe your problem, because we broke the last magic ball:kappa:


Design of launcher icon

LosTigeros   7 lat temu

Hi all!

Recently, we made the decision to create a new launcher icon.
Maybe you have an idea how icon might look like?

Currently our icon looks like this:
Logo launchera

We will be happy to hear any suggestions.
You can submit your proposals on our discord -> KLIK in #pomysly channel
Or via email on: [email protected]


The opening of new server

LosTigeros   7 lat temu

This Friday (10.03.2017) will be the opening of second edition of server

Lead creator:

Thank you very much to those who helped with the server:

You can download a modpack for this server from our launcher!

We cordially greet you,
DT and Kennar from

New website

LosTigeros   7 lat temu


We officialy opened our new launcher website.
@boleknowak wrote it for us. He is also in our team.


New launcher name!

LosTigeros   7 lat temu

We changed the name of launcher from Skript Launcher to MPLauncher.
By us, its good change because the name is no longer advertisement, and it redirects potential user for what may be in launcher.

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