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Important information regarding access to the MPLauncher 1.0

IceMelt   2 lata temu

Dear Users,

About 6 years ago, we've started to create launcher in a very unique form, dedicated for you.
As the first launcher on the internet, it made playing Kenpack packs possible, and allowed to create your own modpacks in a very concise way.
As a MPLauncher team, we've been pleased to see that our launcher has made playing minecraft enjoyable.
But unfortunately, everything has its time...

For such a huge period of time it is difficult to maintain the old infrastructure, given that the project is still our hobby.
Here, we want to close a certain "era" by closing an access to the original version of the launcher.

As of October 1, access to the launcher will remain closed. Launcher will still work for players who have the application installed on their desktop, and it will be automatically updated.

However, this is not the end of the launcher! Please be prepared for every update from our side, announced in the "News" tab. There's a chance that at some day new refreshed version of the launcher will appear :)

We hope that you understand our position and continue to use our launcher.
Thank you for your understanding!


Team MPLauncher

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