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Version rev. 161-162

2022-10-31 13:36:36

rev. 162
Fixed ModPack detection.
Added a couple of MOTD messages.
Improved style code.
Report app to nVidia API.

rev. 161
Fixed being stuck at logging in.
Added support of Iris.
Got rid of a bug involved with loading MP Packs.
MP Packs should be loaded faster.

VirusTotal analysis: (0/72 100%) - SAFE

Version rev. 160

2021-08-29 12:56:39

rev. 160
Added ability to login with Microsoft account.

VirusTotal analysis: (0/66 100%) - SAFE

Version rev. 146-159

2021-01-05 12:35:18

rev. 159
Corrected detection of Java in newer Forge versions.

rev. 158
Dupped args are now ignored.
RAM track bar color was changed.

rev. 157
Change build to Any CPU.
Fixed Java version pick issue.
From now on new arguments will be chosen over old ones.
Corrected OF update system.

rev. 156
Added missing SevenZip dependency to the resources.
Fixed kill process bug in console.

rev. 155
Updated dependencies.
Skin system has now better compatibility with older MC versions.
Added support of MC versions that require custom Java version.
Fixed some issues.

rev. 154
Libs that have incorrect checksums provided by Forge will be ignored.

rev. 153
Fixed an issue with wrong subdirectory while downloading modpack icons.
Added support for multiple checksums of a single library.
Added own repo in case Forge breaks something again...

rev. 152
Fixed an issue with downloading Forge libraries.

rev. 151
Fixed an issue with downloading older Forge versions.

rev. 150
Updated dependencies.
Updated skins system.

rev. 149
Fixed a crash while launching packs.

rev. 148
Added additional verification of files while launching Forge 1.13+.
Corrected the installation and start of modpacks.

rev. 147
Updated skins system.

rev. 146
Improved ModPack integration code.
Added Forge 1.13+ support for ModPacks (own packs will support it in future).

VirusTotal analysis: (0/69 100%) - SAFE

Version rev. 138-145

2020-01-19 06:46:47

Fixed issues with downloading packages
All connections should be initiated on TLS 1.2
Fixed couple of problems that I saw in the code
We've moved from .NET 3.5 to .NET 4.7.2

Fixed an issue with installing JSON type of own packs
Removed some bugs

Fixed some bugs
Updated dependencies

Improved process of downloading and installing modpacks

Fixed issue with launching modpacks with OfflinePlayer

Fixed installing latest Forge 1.12.2 versions
Corrected OwnPack detection after installing

Corrected libraries installation
Corrected Discord integration

Whitelisted launcher to not be blocked by WAF
Corrected the location of skins api

Since this version XP and Vista operating systems are no longer supported.

VirusTotal analysis: (1/71 98.5%) - SAFE

Version rev. 133-137

2019-09-20 17:15:20

Corrected few pixels in launcher design
You may now cancel installing an instance
Corrected killing MC process
Fixed some problems with libraries
MC versions which are using pre-1.6 assets should now have mapped a "resources" directory
Fixed a bug with "Rich Presence" in Discord
Removed useless code and existing code got optimized

Fixed few bugs detected right after release

App should be more stable with AVs
Fixed most automatically reported bugs

Fixed a bug with detecting an modpack update

Fixed a bug with veryfing libraries
Corrected operating on files
Got rid of references to WMI

VirusTotal analysis: (1/70 98.5%) - SAFE

Version rev. 132

2019-07-28 09:48:03

New launching parameters in settings (the same as in official launcher).
Fixed issue with libraries after updating OptiFine (now there'll be a popup to fix the instance).
Implemented automatic error reporting system, so we will be able to react faster on them.
Created global setting in case of future errors in old versions.
Fixed a bug which didn't allow to close the console after killing the process.

VirusTotal analysis: (1/68 98.5%) - SAFE

Version rev. 131

2019-05-02 11:59:26

Added question about overwriting MC/OptiFine settings while updating a modpack.
Fixed bug with not launching MC client in some case.
Modpack RAM usage should be still visible when it's over 2GB.

VirusTotal analysis: (0/69) - SAFE

Version rev. 130

2019-04-29 05:22:38

Added missing translations.
Fixed a bug which was causing modpacks to install in wrong location.
Corrected Discord integration.

VirusTotal analysis: (0/72) - SAFE

Version rev. 129

2019-04-24 16:44:20

Fixed >=1.13 Forge downloading/installing.
Added Discord integration!


Starting >=1.13 Forge versions isn't supported at the moment.

Version rev. 128

2019-04-20 09:10:31

Corrected modpacks downloading system.
Few fixes for launching >=1.14 versions.

From this version, directory of given modpack will be created only when it'll get installed.

Version rev. 127

2019-04-11 13:50:26

Added support of >= 1.14 versions
Added missing translations
Few fixes here and there

Version rev. 126

2019-02-18 15:42:21

New Forge API
Fixed launcher crash because of corrupted icons, logos and backgrounds
From now on you can see the MC version on which modpack is based
Added more informations while downloading modpacks
Updated internal packages
Few small fixes in code and gui

Version rev. 125

2018-03-01 14:10:58

Fixed problem with incorrect display of some player, NPC and head skins.

Version rev. 124

2018-02-23 07:42:58

Added support of >= 1.13 versions
Added option which allows to enable Vanilla snapshots
Added information in options about running version of launcher

Version rev. 123

2018-02-09 08:31:53

RAM usage will be properly displayed up to 4GB
Removed scarf from the skin (winter event appearance)
Removed information about nVidia bugged drivers
Added checking configuration files to check if they are damaged
Java will no longer be downloaded if there already is one configured
Fixed bug with resolution on 1.8

Version rev. 121-122

2017-11-24 14:12:40

Fixed head to be round again (application icon after changing some options).
Rewrited updating system. Now starter is no longer needed and will get replaced with launcher automatically.
Signed launcher with new self-signed certificate because old one expired.
Added a theme with colors from the 2.0 version!
Minor code changes.

Thanks to this update, antiviruses should no longer cause some false positives!
(but im not promising this :x)

Version rev. 120

2017-07-22 05:43:20

Now MPLauncher have a new logo!

Version rev. 119

2017-07-09 05:27:07

Fixed „Critical error” while downloading libraries.
Corrected process killing.

Version 2.0 of launcher which we are making is open-source! -> MPLauncher

Version rev. 118

2017-06-22 10:54:30

Corrected functionality of skin system. Now it will work faster and more stable.

Version rev. 117

2017-06-21 14:37:23

Corrected capes near OptiFine (optifine still blocks elytra texture).

Version rev. 116

2017-06-21 07:25:08

Added skin system!

Version rev. 115

2017-06-09 16:05:51

Small fixes in code
Fixes while downloading libraries

Version rev. 114

2017-06-09 15:57:34

Better support of 1.12

Version rev. 113

2017-05-20 12:19:46

Updated "Cutting Chipset" style
Added ColorPicker dialog for selecting color in developing mode
Added own style to work for developing mode
Updated moving launcher
Added "bringtofront" command to console->launcher API
Completed moving Options to the main
Added information about nVidia drivers

Version rev. 112

2017-05-13 10:20:06

Added option to disable patcher
Changed #PIXELWOLF style name to Blue material because author asked for it
Corrected detection of debug file
Added protection in case when the author of pack change icon/logo/background on his host and doesn't update it in pack graphics in panel
Added information about to use starter, not main application
Added cleaning of not existing packs from instances
Moved options to main
Added protection of few exceptions in console
Changed message near protected nickname
Corrected few bugs in own packs
Corrected names in installations
Added reloading data when updated own pack
When resolution of MC is lower than default, then it'll not be changed (at first run)
Hide config directory
Added API for console->launcher communication
Added option to disable minimizing to tray

Version rev. 111

2017-04-17 11:28:22

Fixed downloading legacy assets.
Rewrited launching MC client of Vanilla type.
Rewrited launching MC client of OptiFine type.
Rewrited launching MC client of Own Packs type.
Rewrited launching MC client of ModPack type.
Accelerated starting of client at least 2 seconds.
Fixed WorkingDirectory in console.
Updated NuGet packages.
Changed launcher structure to English.
Introduced MOTD split on languages.
Default modpack logo would be splitted up on languages.
Repaired killing process in English language.
Added translation of menu in console.
Removed support of launchers in version older than
Added support of multilanguages in design.
Added support of multilanguages in news.
Added support of multilanguages in modpacks categories.
Added support of multilanguages in description/changelog of modpacks.
Added support of multilanguages in changelog of launcher.
Changed some texts to English language.
Added text "Select modpack" if noone was selected.
Repaired display of new lines in Vanilla and OptiFine.
Removed unused graphics from launcher.
Updated design of default modpack icon.
Repaired problem with plus sign in own packs.
Moved settings of language names and style names to their API.
Removed temporary protection of path with spaces.
Updated starter icon.
Corrected starter code.

Version rev. 110

2017-04-14 13:24:30

Added ability to add own packs using JSON and JAR files
Corrections in MOTD
Introduction of localized security with intermittent (temporary)

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